Providing Holidays From the Heart

Ruddi’s Retreat Lodge

The lodge is going to be fabulous and we are really excited about it!

This will make a huge difference to Ruddi’s Retreat & Gwennie’s Getaways as the lodge can be used 365 days of the year so we are able to help families all year around.

The lodge will be accessible for people of all abilities and have enough room to sleep 10 people. Why is this so wonderful? It means that a large family will be able to stay and there will also be enough space for the family to bring carers if necessary, thus enabling the whole family to take a complete break.

We already have 2 caravans in Filey, North Yorkshire and as wonderful as Primrose Valley is (and it is truly wonderful), there is a holiday season which we adhere to and cannot provide holidays outside of. So, with the lodge being able to be open all year round it will mean that we can double the number of families we currently help already.

We haven’t yet chosen a location for the lodge as we have a couple of options but when we get further towards our fundraising goal we will be able to organise this in earnest.




raised of a £110,000.00 goal